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 Background Story of The Black Rose Society (RP)

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PostSubject: Background Story of The Black Rose Society (RP)   Background Story of The Black Rose Society (RP) I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 24, 2010 10:09 am

Nemedian Chronicles, Tome XVII, chapter VIII, Concerning Black Rose Society

In the Lacheish Plains in Cimmeria there was a place once called “The Standing Stones”, atop a large hill overlooking a great battlefield. In reality, the stones were the remaining ruins of a once Acheronian castle. A place of ancient magic and power now destroyed by unknown forces, but not all of its magic died for a guardian still remains, always watchful.

Several flowers grew around the ruins but in the center there stood a single rose bush of untold beauty. The local Cimmerians avoided the area out of fear. Some claimed that they had seen spirits walking and crying.

We were told to circle around it. Back then, we were a small group of adventurers seeking to explore Hyboria, gather and trade rare materials, searching for blue iron according to our last contract. That task brought us near the Rock of Crom where rich veins could be found. While we were tracking our path there we came across the “Standing Stones”. It was late afternoon and the sky was already darkening when we first heard it. A woman’s cries echoing from within the ruins, calling for aid. Without hesitation we made haste to find her, but we weren’t prepared for what we were about to witness.
What at first appeared to be a woman, turned out to be an Acheronian demon! She stared at us with glowing yellow cat like eyes as she tore out of her human clothes. The she-demon stood ten feet high, her bat like wings and long tail floating in the air, her fangs and claws ready to tear us limb from limb. Then, before any of us could react, she spoke a spell in her native language and a wall of pure magical energy surrounded us, making retreat impossible. “I can’t allow you to save her. She is mine and mine alone” she threw at us and moved forward to block our path from that rose bush. Then we first saw it, a rose bush with black petals. With sword and sorcery we were able to defeat that nameless she-demon after a hard battle. Our strength was almost spent and many of us were badly wounded.

Alas, during the fight the rose tree was broken and it was lying in the ground, with its black petals scattered and downtrodden. But, it was not the only thing that broke. A prison was also destroyed. Near the dying black rose there stood a young woman, astonishing beautiful. She was totally naked with only her long black hair to cover her nakedness. Her icy blue eyes were fixed on us when she spoke. “I am a daughter of the Gods” she said with a calm and angel like voice. “I can’t thank nor reward you enough for setting me free from that demon’s grasp. Many have tried and many have failed over the ages. You have succeeded where others have fallen. It was the will of the Gods and for that I grant you their blessing” she pointed at the dead tree and it was then transformed into a glass sphere. Inside, amongst a grey mist you could see a black rose tree glowing with a pulsing pale light. “Guard well this gift of the Gods” she commanded. “This was once a place of great power and the Gods will see it restored if you wish to rebuild the main keep. It will flourish like a rose would. Farewell” These were her last words to us. She bowed and then disappeared before our surprised eyes.

From that day forth we stopped traveling. We decided to make this place our new home and with time and effort we founded “Rosengarten” the city of the Black roses. In the core of the main keep that artifact, the one that was given to us by the Gods, lies still under the everlasting protection of the society. We indeed grew and flourished . . .

Background Story of The Black Rose Society (RP) Luciandarsign
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Background Story of The Black Rose Society (RP)
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