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 The beginning....

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The beginning.... Empty
PostSubject: The beginning....   The beginning.... I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 01, 2008 11:56 am

I can't Remember it exactly, so please feel free to add your own versions to this. This is my story of How the Roses started.

There was a guild called the Angels of Death. At the time it seemed pretty good. I hadn't been playing that long, but I knew no-one and I was stuck in Conells Valley, and so an invite to a guild was fantastic.

Within a couple of weeks however it was clear that there were problems. The guild oficers were never around. The regular players were getting unhappy. There was no progress.
What was there however was a small group who grew closer. We tried to keep it going, but our abilities in the guild were limited. A few of us started talking about forming our own, others of joining a different guild. I had thought about it before, but was always concious of having limited time online.
Ernatona and I had been chatting for a few weeks, and had played together on a few occasions. I was apparent that our views were similar. We agreed that we would like a new guild, but unsure about making the move. We discussed who should lead it, And I suggested that she would be better as she had more time to commit to it.

I logged on the next day to find Erna gone from the guild roster. I searced the player list and found her name, sending a tell to confirm that she had indeed left and started new. I had promised that if she started a new guild I would support, and so I did. I said a few goodbyes and even tried to bring some others across, then met Erna in Tarantia Noble district. I had a sense of exitement at starting anew, and wanting to do things properly.

The next days were spent recruiting, some people we knew, some were blind invites. It seemed important to raise our numbers quickly.
When we had enough members I volunteered myself to become architect and start building our city (I must have been mad).
As I said I can't remember how some people cane to join, please add your own history here. I do remember sitting in our keep having a meeting when Tris sent a request to join.
So that was the start as I remember it. If you remember different please say so.
What would be good if if you add your own part to this, and even how you came to create your character. Do they have a history?
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The beginning....
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